The Internet Ate My Brain returns to Chicago! Sunday, May 14, 7 pm

I’ve scheduled a new performance of The Internet Ate My Brain in Chicago on Sunday, May 14 at 7 pm. It’ll be at Davenport’s Piano Bar, 1383 N Milwaukee in Chicago. Yes, that’s Mother’s Day, [...]

SURVEY: How many of your friends are addicted to the Internet?

http://theinternetatemybrai.polldaddy.com/s/how-many-friends-are-addicted-to-internet Click here to learn more about the performance

Start working on your drone Christmas songs

Delivery drones aren't a wild-eyed prediction any more, now they're a wild-eyed reality. Amazon Prime Air drone completes its first US public delivery - CNET This drone only delivered sunscreen. By Christmas, it'll deliver a [...]

Food delivery robots, entree!

I'll never believe that food delivery robots are for real until I see one riding a bike the wrong way down a one-way street. The food delivery robots are coming! The food delivery robots are [...]

Try a high-five selfie . . . on a trampoline

What will they think of next? How about the high-five, no hands selfie? An Internet Fad We Can Finally Applaud - Acculturated   Cost of broken phones not included.

You can be an awkward geek, too!

Stereotypes all come from somewhere. The image of an awkward, nerdy tech type goes back to the 1950s. But now that we're all tech dependent, self-dweebification (is that even a word?) is nearly inevitable. Technology [...]

If tech won’t set you free, maybe the Kinks will

A pundit warns us that tech won't set us free. Was it supposed to? I thought it was just for posting selfies and playing Pokemon Go. Don't Count on Tech to Set You Free - Bloomberg [...]

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