10 oafish questions to ask when a robot replaces your boss

More than 3 million workers will have robots for bosses by 2018 according to experts at Gartner.

Is this good or bad? That depends on how often you read Dilbert and whether you know the answers to questions like these:

  1. Will I have to call him “Mr Robot,” or is he OK with “HAL?”
  2. Will it get caught watching videos of Wall-E getting funky with c3-PO?
  3. Will I have to ask my Roomba for vacation days?
  4. Will my robot boss hit on My Mother the Car?
  5. Will “dressing for success” mean getting disguised as a fire hydrant?
  6. Will he be jealous of my Mixmaster?
  7. Will my robot boss fire me if I call him and yell “Yo! Pac Man?”
  8. Will it call the Robocops if I fake a sick day?
  9. Who will R2D2 report to?
  10. Will robot bosses hide the keys to the employee washroom?

IMG_0232 - Copy

YOUR OPINION: If your boss were a robot, would you be better off or worse than now?

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